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About Us

The background

Conceived in early 2006, Digital Invoicing is the popular follow-on to the Customer Liaison and Management System, produced by Digital Missives Ltd.

Completely re-engineered, with stacks of new features, and most importantly, available on-line 24 hours a day, Digital Invoicing was launched on the 1st August 2009.

Since then, we've added more features, more customers and made it even easier to use - and we're not stopping there - see the news pages or our Twitter feeds for regular updates and release information.

The team

Digital Invoicing was created by Robert Doran and Tim Moore - with a motley collection of specialists who help to back them up.

Rob and Tim first started working together in 2008, and quickly found that, though from very different backgrounds, they worked well together and were keen to develop Digital Invoicing based around their shared approach to business practice.

Digital Invoicing Ltd. was incorporated in February 2009, with help from Sam (promotions), Paul (marketing), Leslie (accounts) and several other specialists, continues to go from strength to strength.

The difference

It's our goal to help business owners on a day-to-day basis.

Digital Invoicing is not an accountancy system, though it's used by accountants.

Digital Invoicing is not a book-keeping system, though it's used by book-keepers.

Digital Invoicing is a system to help you to:

  • Save Time!

  • Save Money!

  • Take Control!


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