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Not all graphic designers are created equal. Row 1 specialise in producing eye-catching, memorable graphics with an instant appeal and a lasting impression.

Keith Mawson, Row 1 Graphics

We first came across Row 1 Graphics last year, when we were putting together the new interface and artwork for version 2 of Digital Invoicing. At the time we’d had quite a mixed experience with web-artists and designers, and for one reason or another, none had completely met our requirements. In truth, we had quite a cynical attitude - having been led to believe the designer had understood our needs, and usually finding they very much hadn’t.

Breath Of Fresh Air

Meeting Keith Mawson of Row 1 Graphics restored our faith. Instead of handing out platitudes, Keith dealt in hard facts - taking a fresh look at all our ideas and identifying where we going wrong - demonstrating very clearly the subtle but vital difference between a graphic artist and a graphic designer.

Based in the West-Yorkshire hamlet of Biggin, Row 1 undertake a wide array of design activities - bringing to each a deep understanding of the psychological impact. Whether it’s banner-stands or branding, packaging or photography, everything Row 1 Graphics produce contains a strong message - usually with a slightly different, and sometimes controversial, slant. It’s this approach that set’s them apart from the crowd, and also what generates the results -keeping us, and everyone else, going back for more.

Designs from Row 1 graphics

From the first, tentative, discussions about Digital Invoicing, Keith has been an enthusiastic user - although not for sending out invoices...

"For me, Digital Invoicing is about keeping track of time, expenditure and mileage” says Keith. “It’s not unusual to be involved in several different projects at the same time, and DI’s ability to track this quickly and easily - coupled with mileage and travel expenditure, makes it invaluable. In fact, I started using it before being commissioned to do anything for them. A good designer never takes a ’linear’ approach to working, and DI copes with this magnificently.”

To find out how Row 1 could freshen up your image, have a look at their website: or give Keith a call on 01977 682762


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